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The Technique of Clamping of Tungsten Steel End Milling Cutter


The Technique of Clamping of Tungsten Steel End Milling Cutter


Recently, many of my friends are consulting on the milling cutter in the processing is easy to loose the problem, Xiaobian take advantage of this opportunity to tell you said.


First end of the milling cutter in the machining center with end mills are mostly used to clamp the way the folder, the use is in the cantilever state. In the milling process, sometimes the end mill may appear from the tool holder gradually extended, or even completely fall, resulting in the phenomenon of scraping the workpiece, the reason is generally because the knife hole and the end of the cutter between the outer diameter There is oil film, which caused the lack of clamping force caused. At the time of leaving the factory, we will usually be coated with anti-rust oil, if the use of non-water-soluble cutting oil cutting, then the knife hole will be attached to a layer of mist film, so when the knife handle and knife folder are oil film , The knife holder is difficult to firmly clamp the handle, so that in the processing of the end mill is very easy to loose drop.

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