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What is the role of the front end of the end mill?


What is the role of the front end of the end mill?

The front angle of the end mill is the most important angle on the tool, increasing the rake angle, cutting edge sharp, that is, the deformation of the cutting layer metal is small, thus reducing the cutting through the rake face friction resistance, because the cutting force and The cutting heat will be reduced, but the cutting and cutting part of the strength and cooling capacity will be weakened, so the front angle is too large or too small will reduce the life of the tool. The reasonable value of the front angle is mainly based on the workpiece material to determine, processing strength, low hardness, plastic large metal, should take a larger front angle; and processing strength, high hardness of the metal, should take a smaller rake angle. Due to the low flexural strength and brittleness of the cemented carbide, the values of the reasonable rake angle under the same cutting conditions are usually less than those of the high speed steel tool

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